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What people are saying about the Spektra pre-release:

  • Dazzling. I forgot I was wearing a VR headset!

    Adam L.
    HCI Specialist
  • It felt like a weird acid trip.

    Christina M.
    Multimedia Artist
  • Crazy visuals swarming around and through me - I don't want to listen to music without it!

    Mark A.

A new way to listen

Your music visualized - in real-time. Play any song, and the Spektra simulator will listen to it via a 3.5mm microphone and create a dynamic world in stunning VR.

Please join our email list to be notified when Spektra launches! We’re looking for your valuable input at this stage of development! We plan to expand the number of levels/visuals, as well as add new audio tracking features. If you have any feedback about the useability, or immersive aspects of the simulation we’d most appreciate comments on those themes.

Coming to Steam in Spring 2018.

Headbang VR